Our approach
We offer our interdisciplinary experiences in all fields from budgeting, art buying to location scouting, talent casting, full-service on site production, travel management and transparent invoicing. We assemble professional, diverse and multi-disciplined teams, curating the perfect constellation for our clients’ projects.
Location scouting
Whether you are looking for spectacular lofts in the city or a soothing spot in nature. Multiple rounds of search, efficient and goal oriented, we will provide you with a pool of location options to choose from and advise the best solution for your project - the choice remains yours.
We will find the perfect talent for the most authentic results by working closely with a network of experience bookers, bringing your idea to life.
Art buying
Creativity is not only shown in the way we actualize our projects, but already in which manner we assemble our teams - working with collaborators carefully selected from a multinational network of creative minds, to ensure the most professional and unique outcome.
Content creation
At Scusi we know of the fast-paced visual world surrounding us. Hence we create content in-house for our clients. From concept development, to production, and all fields of post-production, we work with an integrated approach.